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Safety Letter

Safety Letter 2021

Dear fellow pilots,
Our greatest concern as airport operator is that you can take off and land safely at our airport.
With more than 30,000 aircraft movements per year, Adolf Würth Airport is one of the busiest commercial airfields in Germany. Especially the VFR/IFR mixed traffic makes the approach and departure, as well as flights in the vicinity of Adolf Würth Airport a challenge.
This Safety Letter is intended to provide information about the special features at Schwäbisch Hall and to refresh basic behavior, thus contributing to a better understanding of the respective side. The most important keyword for a successful cooperation is "Good Airmanship".

You can find the complete Safety Letter here.

Adolf Wuerth Airport

Cloud-based air traffic control at Adolf Würth Airport

Schwäbisch Hall Airport has been successfully monitoring its air traffic for around a year using a cloud-based air situation display system from DFS Aviation Services GmbH.

Click here for the article by DFS Aviation Services GmbH.