Fascination Flight

Aviation fascination in all Facets

Back in 1929 the founders of the flying club performed their first flight from the Einkorn. Shortly thereafter motorized flight was established in the club, which is still for the most part, the foot hold of the Flying Club Schwäbisch Hall today.

From a small start, a large flying club, with over 500 active member was established to one of the largest flying clubs in Germany. With huge commitment of the members, a great infrastructure has been built for private aviators and has in time, helped turn the Airport Schwäbisch Hall into a modern and safe aerodrome.

With over 500 members, the club not only shines with the high number of aviators, but also belongs to one of the few clubs in which independent aviation activities are conducted. For instance model flying, hang-glider flight, hot air balloon flying, glider- and motor glider flight and of course sky diving. State of the art equipment is available to members in all these aviation „sports“ and the club provides the pilots with a great education no matter for which activity their heart beats strongest.

The Flying Club Schwäbisch Hall e.V. is one of the oldest flying clubs in the country and can look back at many highlights and amazing accomplishments over the years.

Luftsportverband Schwäbisch Hall e.V.
Flugplatz Weckrieden
74523 Schwäbisch Hall
+49 791 932300