Business Airport


Flexibility is key

Short connections equal efficiency

You use the time machine airplane to increase your productivity – we offer you the surrounding infrastructure. When it comes to flight arrangements, arrangements for hotels or conference rooms for you and your partners, we are here to help.

Be on time to your meeting

Since the completion of the extensive expansion measures of the airport in 2004, in which the Würth-Group played a significant role, the new runway meets all specifications demanded for a Business Airport. The ADOLF WÜRTH AIRPORT Schwäbisch Hall has modern air traffic and lighting technology. State of the art navigation systems allow all-weather flights down to a ceiling of 70 Meters. Professional maintenance facilities and fuel trucks make sure to get you up and going quickly. Customs, friendly staff, and our hours of operation are business oriented and allow you to get your work done without additional hassle.

Feel at ease

At the ADOLF WÜRTH AIRPORT Schwäbisch Hall we offer you the opportunity to spoil your guests, staff and your flight crews with our full-service-handling: Starting with the straightforward aircraft handling, scheduling meetings direct at the airport, the flexible hours of operation, to arranging classy accommodations for short or longer stays. Our experienced service team will take good care of your aircraft and your crew – from refueling and catering to pilot briefings.

The perfect service for you

You will find everything and more that you expect from a modern Business Airport here at the Adolf Würth Airport in Schwäbisch Hall. Our newly built General Aviation Terminal (GAT), new aircraft hangers, fueling stations and maintenance facilities will ensure that your stay is a pleasant one. Due to our flexibility, we are able to provide you with efficient and fast handling. We are quick to react when things come differently than planned. Customs services for non EU-residence is just one of the many things that add to the perfect service. Great service and latest technology create a synergy of cost and time efficiency that are available for you and your partners to enjoy.

Modern set up creates an ideal climate

Due to long routes and the lack of flexibility, your company experiences unnecessary costs and lose of valuable time. Not at the ADOLF WÜRTH AIRPORT Schwäbisch Hall. These unnecessary obstacles are non-existent at our business airport. Our professional set up also benefits private pilots with optimal terms of service. Set up an appointment with us to get a personal impression.

In the midst of the Hohenlohe-Franconia region the ADOLF WÜRTH AIRPORT Schwäbisch Hall offers the optimal prerequisites for companies and enterprises to effectively and efficiently tend to their diverse business contacts within Germany and Europe. The ADOLF WÜRTH AIRPORT Schwäbisch Hall is an integral part of the transport infrastructure in the region and rounds off street and rail connections to new economic regions of the European Union. It is easy and quick to get to the ADOLF WÜRTH AIRPORT, thanks to its close proximity to the A6 Highway Mannheim-Nürnberg.