Adolf Würth Airport in Schwäbisch Hall

From Cape to Goodwood

The British Pilot Tracey Curtis-Tayler stayed overnight at the Adolf Würth Airport during her historical trip from South Africa to England in a 1942 built Boeing Stearman. She was following the route used by Mary Heath in the 1920ies. Mary Heath was the first woman with an Airline Transport Pilot License, the first woman to jump out of an airplane with a parachute and the first person to fly the trip from the Cape to England as a solo pilot. More information about the trip under www.capetogoodwood.com

Airport firestation fit for operations

The Adolf Würth Airport fire station has successfully participated at the "Regional Airport Fire Training" in Leipzig. The firefighters have undergone several different fire situations in and outside the aircraft on a Boeing 747 in a realistic environment.

EDTY transmitting TAF and METAR

As of July 1st 2013 the Adolf Würth Airport starts transmitting TAF and METAR via the German National Weather Service (DWD). Until the end of september weather information is available from monday through friday. Preceeding the implementation several changes to the weather sensors have been performed as well as the training of the ATC personnel. When all training requirements are completed transmission of weather data will continue monday to sunday.

Getting to the Airport

The airfield is no longer accessible through the town of Altenhausen. The Adolf Würth Airport can now be accessed via the Tüngentaler Strasse and the new southern access road that runs parallel to the runway. For written directions click here .

METAR EDTY 301850Z 21004KT 180V260 2100 -SN FEW003 BKN017 M01/M01 Q0977
FORECAST EDDS 311700Z 3118/0118 20005KT 9999 SCT015 BKN030
TEMPO 3118/0118 4500 -SHSN BKN014TCU PROB40
TEMPO 0103/0110 2500 SN BKN008

Metars/TAFs from NOAA can be retrieved here

METAR     9h TAF     18h TAF